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There Is A Huge Loss of marine biodiversity, a Variability in seaweed quality, and Decrease in quantity.

Land-based seaweed farming represents a substantial leap forward compared to traditional methods of seaweed harvesting from the sea

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Ulva sp

Ulva, commonly known as sea lettuce, is a cornerstone of our selection. This vibrant green alga is a nutritional powerhouse, boasting a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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An image of Palmaria Palmata seaweed in someones hand.

Palmaria palmata

Palmaria palmata, also known as dulse, holds a special place. This vibrantly colored red alga boasts an impressive nutritional profile, rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers. Its versatility shines through its culinary applications, adding a delightful umami flavor to various dishes.


Rooted in our core beliefs, we are committed to delivering the highest quality seaweed possible


Minimizing our footprint and cultivating nutrient-rich seaweed with eco-friendly methods. We're committed to ocean conservation for future generations


Upgrading seaweed cultivation and product development through sustainable practices and cutting-edge techniques. This seamless blend of tradition and progress sets new industry benchmarks for quality and sustainability


Advocating for the power of seaweed, a versatile marine resource with untapped potential. By harnessing its unique properties, we develop innovative products that enhance human health and well-being


Breaking down barriers and elevating seaweed as a delicious and versatile superfood. Through education, innovative products, and environmental awareness, we're making seaweed a staple in Western diets and lifestyles

Our Story

Innovative Land-Based Cultivation

Land-Based Seaweed: The Sustainable Future of Aquaculture

MAGMA is leading the sustainable aquaculture revolution with pioneering land-based seaweed cultivation. We're revolutionising aquaculture for a greener future by championing sustainable practices. Our innovative approach safeguards precious coastal ecosystems from overexploitation, fostering the conservation of marine biodiversity. By advocating for a shift away from wild harvesting methods common in France, MAGMA actively mitigates environmental impact. We are paving the way for a more responsible and resilient future for the entire aquaculture industry

Uncompromising Quality, Year-Round: The MAGMA Advantage

At MAGMA, we've redefined consistent, premium seaweed with our state-of-the-art inland cultivation facilities. Here, we meticulously control water quality and environmental factors, ensuring our seaweed is uncontaminated and delivers unparalleled excellence. Forget seasonal limitations of traditional methods. Our controlled environment guarantees a steady, year-round supply, making MAGMA your unwavering provider of premium seaweed for diverse applications – from culinary creations to pharmaceutical breakthroughs. We are committed to both environmental stewardship and exceptional quality.

Versatile Cultivation for Sustainable Growth

At MAGMA, innovation goes beyond efficiency and environmental responsibility. We champion versatility in our cultivation methods. This means we can leverage both dedicated algae ponds and existing land-based aquaculture facilities, like those used by shellfish farmers. This dual approach optimises resource utilisation and empowers these professionals with a new sustainable pathway. By integrating MAGMA's methods, shellfish farmers can diversify their operations and expand their economic horizons, all while protecting the health of our oceans.

Revolutionizing Aquaculture: Sustainable Macroalgae Cultivation

MAGMA is at the forefront of a sustainable revolution in aquaculture. We champion land-based macro-algae cultivation as the solution to meet the growing demand for seaweed while fostering a more ethical, resilient, and blue economy. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability is driven by the belief that innovation is key to the future of aquaculture. We are proud to be pioneers in transforming the industry with our environmentally friendly and efficient land-based cultivation practices.

Building Bridges With Our Key Collaborators